The Anglican Parish of St. Mark and St. Philip

Mission Statement: The Anglican Parish of St. Mark & St. Philip seeks to encourage people in their faith and in their calling.

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1802 33rd Ave. SW Calgary, AB
Office: (403) 244-0198

History of St. Mark's

The 'first' St Mark's Church was built in 1912. The dedication service was held October 6th, 1912 and regular services began October 27th. St. Mark's original building occupied the area where the fellowship and secretary's office are now located. The Nave accomodated 12 choir members and 60 parishioners. Services were held at 8am, 11am and 7:30pm, and Sunday School was at 4pm.

An oddity of the original church was the Altar was at the west end. This remained there until the 1930's and then was relocated to the east end. The last service in the old church was held at 7:30am on March 31, 1953. The new building was dedicated the same day. Bishop Calvert officiated, and 500 people attended.

The cornerstone of the present building (now St Mark and St Philip Church) was laid on September 19, 1954. Behind this stone, in the wall, is a metal box containing articles from all the church organizations. This include a cub scout hat, a newspaper of that day and that year's coins.
Photo of the Cornerstone: cornerstone

Inside, the Font and the Arch over the Font in the Baptistry are from the old building. Older items include the Altar (although enlarged), the pulpit, lectern and communion rail.

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Document - 1920 St Mark's Lodge and Brother H.D.R Stewart: 1920Lodge

Photo: Archdeacon Axon and the 1935 St Mark's Women's Auxiliary: 1935photo

Old photos of St Mark's circa 1940: photos

Constructing the new church by the side of the old church (1952-55)
Photos in chronological order:

Constructing the new church (1952-53): construction
Construction photos and cornerstone dedication (1952-53): construction
Sower article: New $60,000 church (1953): article
Photos inside the new church (1955): photos

Front of the 50 years anniversary brochure (1912 - 1962): 50thbrochure

Choir Members in 1964:

Front of the 1971 Church Directory: 1971front
Back of the 1971 Church Directory: 1971back
Page 2: page2
Page 3: page3
Page 4: page4
Page 5: page5

Sower article January 1975: St Mark's pays off its mortgage: mortgage
Cutaway diagram of St Mark's (before the steeple was added): diagram

1997 - Christmas Pageant: photos

August 29 1998, St Mark's gets a steeple - Sower photo: steeple
Sower article: St Mark's gets a steeple: article
Colour photos of the steeple-raising: photos
More photos of the steeple-raising: photos

1998 - photos of the new kitchen being installed: photos

Front of service brochure celebrating 90 years as a parish, on October 6 2002: 90thbrochure

Rectors at St Mark's: rectors

Important Dates in St Mark's Church History: dates